I’m feeling fat… Sorry, have I offended you, fatty?

I’m not sure whether to find this funny or worrying. Though I don’t use Facebook emoticons and would end that trend if given a chance, I cannot comprehend how sad (and fat) one has to be to get offended by an emoticon.

Not that long ago, Facebook used to have an emoticon that conveyed that its user was “feeling fat”. Welp, not anymore! Facebook surrendered to the protests of a bunch of weirdos who got fixated on the idea that you cannot feel fat, because fatness is not an emotion. They went on to claim that this emoticon is offensive to fat people, especially those with a medical condition of some sort.


Let me break this down for you. Did you ever have a large pizza delivered? Like a really, really huge and delicious pizza with extra cheese, sausage and mushrooms? If you ever ate a pizza like that, then you’re probably familiar with the subsequent feeling of being a few pounds heavier and a few inches larger than before the meal. You felt bloated. You felt fat. I know I always do. When I eat too much, I feel fat. When I drink too much, I feel fat. When I stand on my bathroom scale to weigh myself, there’s only thing it says to me. You’re fat.

I have been foretold I’d be very fat one day. Fortunately, my weight has stayed more or less the same for 10 years, with a few pounds gained and lost here or there.

fat-is-not-a-feeling-czuje-sie-gruboI’m not sure how I could ever let your “feeling fat” emoticon make me feel offended or reinforce a negative view of my body. It’s already negative, even without that emoticon. Political correctness has yet again reached the level of absurdity. Fat people are unattractive. They know it good and well. If they want to feel more attractive, they should just eat less instead of convincing themselves that “real human beings have meat on their bones.” Or that “physical appearance doesn’t matter, it only matters what’s inside you.” If I was obese, I’d be offended by people trying to justify my weight and make me feel good about my body. We all have flaws. It’s not hard to run away from them. What’s hard is to learn to live with them.

By the way  – being fat is not the worst thing that can happen to you. It certainly beats having a flat chest or four inches in your underwear.

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