Love the 1%. They’re a minority!

In two years’ time, the tiny 1% of the world’s richest folks will own more than half of our world’s fortune. Is that a fair ratio?

About two days ago, some sort of an organization released a report that concluded that the rich will continue to get richer while the poor will grow poorer. Gee, thanks, Captain Obvious! Obviously all possible comment sections related to that topic became populated by self-proclaimed experts ranting about the necessity to tax the rich, cut off some of their limbs and eliminate the tax havens of this world. Some of them threatened the rest with revolutions, forklifts, burning stakes and all other crucial social movements. Because apparantly that’s how things have to end. In the aggregate opinions of the so-called average man, the poor deserve to get paid quick and the rich should hand over their money, ASAP. At least some of it. A bit of advice for my female readers: ask your man whether he agrees with the above statement.

It’s a mystery to me. How can there be so many women in this world who are willing to sleep with men that look at the success of other people from the point of view of a pauper, loser and hater? This has nothing to do with masculinity or the male ambition. The best thing that sort of man can do for you is love you a lot, but that’s no selling point, because your cat can love you a lot, too.

I have nothing against that 1% of the wealthy who own everything this world has to offer. I wish them all the best and I don’t want them to share their riches with me. Everybody should know how to make their own money.

PS. These days, I couldn’t even afford to buy a studio apartment in Bumfuck, Alabama. By the way, I only wrote this entry to be able to point to it in 10 years’ time to say: “see? Leave me and my millions alone, I always said that the division between the rich and the poor is a good thing!”

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