“THORN” is now on sale. A presentation of my newest novel.

Less than a month after its European debut, my first novel is now available on Amazon and you simply can’t afford to approach it with an indifferent eye. Facebook and Instagram (#jasonhunt) are full of readers’ reactions and photos of their favorite motivational thoughts from the book. Thousands of readers try to solve the mysteries and secrets hidden within “THORN” on member-only message boards.

“Each page must feature a surprise” a screenwriter once said when defining a “good” screenplay. I wrote my novel according to this principle. I assumed that you need 3 minutes of reading to feel that first slight glimmer of interest; and 60 minutes to want to learn the whole story. Literally every page of the novel is structured to make you want to read “just one last chapter”.

“THORN” is a contemporary version of Martin Eden with a bit of uncertainty, similar to that of Twin Peaks. Lovers of mystery will often stop reading to find out online whether the symbols, numbers or even some of the last names of the characters in the book, have a specific meaning.


“Mystery” unifies the book – the story starts, develops and ends with it. Nevertheless, mystery is only the background. In the first volume, you will learn the “secret” behind what, today, is known as “THORN”, but the book is principally a humorous, easy and problem-free read. It is just slightly vulgar, quite direct and very honest. In certain places, it really puts the author to shame, which is why already on the first page I clarify that this is just literary fiction.

When you’re holding this novel in your hand, I want you to forget that you’re reading a book. I want you to feel as if you’re watching it like a series. “THORN” features four parts; a series of four episodes. Each episode targets different emotions. You’ll be moved and you’ll laugh. You’ll get upset and you’ll feel joy.

At the beginning of the book I recall a conversation with a man who said something I’ll never forget.

„Even the most beautiful tale must have its final chapter. If you keep re-living the dreams that never came true and the feelings you don’t want to let go of, your life will be like a book without a final chapter. You keep writing the same story over and over again, hoping it will somehow turn into a beautiful tale. It’s never going to happen.”

This is a book about searching for the symbolic last chapter. About our dreams, feelings and failures; our friendships and loves. About the art of getting up after a fall – which does not involve wanting to survive, but rather making sure that you don’t lose sight of the goal. It won’t change your life or make you into someone special. What it will do, however, is influence your mentality and the way you approach reality. It’s up to you how you use that to your advantage.

Enjoy the experience.


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