Move over, princess. I need a woman.

Real men don’t fall for princesses.

“Jason, you’ll never find a woman unless you realize that a real man treats his Lady like a princess. We adore being treated like princesses. It’s not that hard to buy some flowers and pay for a few drinks, is it? My man doesn’t make a lot of money, but he still saved up for a few months and took me to Venice instead of buying himself the laptop he always wanted. I love him for that!” (One of Jason’s female readers, right before being banned for life)

I hate women who think that all men sleep on big piles of money or believe that all men are obliged to treat them in a unique way.

It’s not because I’m selfish (I am, but that’s irrelevant here). It’s because the term “princess” will always be a socially-acceptable, subtle and cute euphemism for “materialist”. Their demanding and entitled attitude never focuses on the man’s needs. It exists solely to fulfill their own needs.

I love women who are too proud to let me pay for drinks, trips and dinners. Ones who understand the meaning of the term ‘partnership’. The term does not entail only one side reaping all the benefits. And that’s how princesses are; all take and no give. I love women who wouldn’t have the heart to accept the plane tickets to Venice. Because a woman, who truly loves her man, would not allow him to replace his dreams with her own.

I’ll only fall in love with a real woman. One that would buy me a cup of coffee. I’ll pay.

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