Three Seconds To Bliss

A few minutes ago, I crossed paths with a woman who had a truly magnetic charm. Our eyes met. I believe I’ve noticed a slight smile in the corner of her lips.

I’ve had two or three seconds to decide whether I want to introduce myself before she walks away and forgets about my existence.

These two or three seconds had the potential to completely reshape my near future.

These two or three seconds were enough for me to think about how beautiful she was, how much grace she expressed and how badly I wanted her to glance at me again. It was also enough time to realize that life is complicated, that I don’t know even know who she is, whom she loves and whether she even finds me attractive. Walking up to her would be so awkward…

What would I even tell her? No, I’m not going to make a fool out of myself. I might come across as a creep.

She’s probably got enough of weird men approaching her.

That’s a lot of thoughts for three seconds. Obviously, I forgot to realize that even if I forgot about all the silly obstacles, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for me to stumble upon her ever again.

She was gone before the fourth second arrived.

Another woman walked past me. Our eyes met. I believe I’ve noticed a slight smile in the corner of her lips.

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