Women in men’s shirts

They’re beautiful.

You’re not a real man if you don’t have a woman-scented white dress shirt in your closet. A shirt that remembers every morning you shared, especially the first one, when she claimed the shirt as her own. She grabbed it without hesitation, like it’s always belonged to her. And she’s not wrong. The world is yet to see a dress shirt that wouldn’t look good on a woman. There’s not a single shirt in the world that a woman wouldn’t steal from her man with a smile on her face.

These white shirts could tell you a lot of stories. Tales of women tiptoeing on their bare feet to get you your morning coffee. Women crossing their legs and sitting down on your bed to spend the whole night talking to you. Women strolling around the hotel corridors with an ice-filled bucket after a night spent dancing on a windy beach. Men’s dress shirts symbolize a sort of freedom that no other discovery can ever bring you.

Such a shirt can make a man elegant and enhance a woman’s attractiveness. When it’s happening in the here and now, they can stir up explosive desires. When she’s gone, the shirt will never let you forget. A real man should also have dress shirts that have never been worn by women. Shirts that are on stand-by until another woman comes around. And he should never allow a new woman to wear a shirt that has been worn by another one in the past. There’s no shame in having a shirt with the tag still on.

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